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Front Disk Brake Kit

Front Disk Brake Kit

BRK 12
A MRS exclusive!! Now available!! We have been working with another antique auto service center who has developed and field tested this complete, bolt on, front disk brake conversion kit that is custom made just for the Metropolitan, which includes a dual master cylinder to greatly improved safety. It is a direct fit kit that requires no major modification to your car to fit. We have just installed, and have field tested this kit in our shop to be sure of correct operation. These pictures are of the exact parts mounted on a demonstration stand.

Front Disk Brake Conversion Kit – upgraded to dual master cylinder & front roller bearings – this kit will be a direct bolt on to your existing spindles – only modification is drilling your hubs out for 7/16” studs (included) – complete kit including: 2 rotors machined to Met bolt pattern, 2 calipers, front brake pads, front roller bearings, 2 aluminum spacers for stock wheels, dual master cylinder with all needed hardware & accessories, 8 7/16” studs & matching lug nuts, pressure valve, 2 caliper brackets with hardware, remote reservoir & mounting bracket with clamp, 2 front brake hoses, & all necessary hardware to install – all the above parts will be in one box & the 2nd box will have the following parts: 2 front hub grease caps, 2 front hub seals, & steel brake line set – detailed instructions included - you will be able to use original e brake assembly - you will still be using your existing master cylinder pushrod & bracket - flat fee of $95.00 S/H – $70.00 rebate for late model backing plates & brakes – $50.00 rebate for early model wheel cylinders & brakes – allow up to 1 - 2 weeks before shipping
$1595.00 - *special order
Great safety upgrade!!!
4 Wheel Disk Brake Kit also available - BRK6 - $1995.00
Fits: 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1958 1960 1961 NashMetropolitans

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