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Early Hounds Tooth Convertible Interior Kit

Early Hounds Tooth Convertible Interior Kit

Begins E-21008 - E-59047. Can be used on any car - the serial number listing is just for originality. But you will need to check and make sure you have the correct early seat frames.

Includes houndstooth 3 piece front seat cover set, white kick panels, white wheel covers, black quarter panels, black rear seat back lower trim panels, early door panel set, white rear pad, white with hounds tooth pattern rear seat back cover, black rear kick panel, 4 pieces of windlacing, 4 tack strips, 24 interior door panel clips, front seat back cushion set, 2 pieces of rear seat back weatherstripping, black convertible rear post panels, white seat back trim panel, & original style chrome screw kit.

When purchasing one of our interior kits we give you everything you need to do a quality job the first time. When you consider the quality and discount this is a really good deal on a full interior kit.
If you need the interior door panel stainless clips the part number is BO252 and we sell them individually.
(Save 93.00 off retail)


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