Through The Years - Facility Expansion

All of these expansions have not only provided additional work space for a growing business but a much more efficient and better tooled facility.  The additional space in the body shop allowed the purchase of additional metal fabrication equipment and isolated the dust from this area in a sealed room.  The full down draft spary booth with bake cycle gave us considerably higher quality control over the final paint project plus with the computerized paint mixing station we can now mix in house any paint color.  The additional storage space for our Metroplitan parts increases the efficiency of our daily shipping of these parts.  All of these improvements translate into a higher customer satisfaction of the final project as well as improving efficiency and increasing the volume of work that can be completed.
2011 Gallery

This series of photos shows the latest and most extensive expansion of our facility.  We converted the warehouse to a dedicated body shop and then were able to use the original shop as a finish/mechanical area.  We build a new 30 x 40 two story building that now houses our full down draft spray booth, computerized paint mixing station, and both our new and used Metropolitan parts inventory.

2007 Gallery

This series of photos shows the first expansion of our facility to include an additional bay on the shop facility, a dedicated office, a single bay garage to house our Metropolitan parts inventory, and a cold storage warehouse to store customer cars and parts.  This expansion provided many valuable improvements to our facilty but again that soon changed as the need for additional square footage was noted.

2001 Gallery

This series of photos shows from the very beginning in 1988 our humble start in a rented two car garage in Mifflinburg which we rapidly outgrew. The volume of business that we were doing required a larger facility which lead to the renting of a three bay pole building located at our current location in Hartleton, PA. Shortly after this we purchased the entire property and we were excited at the increase in square footage but that soon changed to the need for additional work space in 2007.